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Contract subject The use of the services of Working Post Portal (WPP), which offers users a platform (along with free of charge sale) on which orders on searched items of everyday life can be made, on which multiple offers can be ante up. With every purchase a charge of 1 Swiss Franc is payable (1 subscription point).
Contract beginning Users who have absolved the registration process, can use all services of WPP. With the date of the registration the contract between the user and WPP begins.
Duration With the deletion of all personal data, the user can terminate the contract at any time. Already paid services expire with it.
Cancellation The contract may, according to the above mentioned rule, dissolved at any time.
Obligations / Liability WPP will commit to store all private user data (with the exception of user name) encrypted and protect it from attacks of any kind. All user data will be used for administrative purposes only and not traded. WPP takes responsibility only for lost private data.
Legal notice Users of WPP are under the authority of Swiss criminal law. The search, supplying or storing of illegal content will be prosecuted and is followed by the immediate exclusion from WPP.
Privacy Your privacy is protected: private data is stored encrypted and your data is never to see unencrypted unintentional. Changes made by the user are sent encrypted to the database. For login three IP addresses can be used or not (not recommended). Messages between users can be encrypted online.
Utilization The WPP services are available for all. Customs costs of offerings must be integrated in the price.
Google Analytics The Google service examines user behavior on a website. The browser add-on Opt-out disables the execution of the service.