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Password Get the Passswort, when you register, in the restricted area it can be requested again, if you have it lost or forgotten.
Registration Who is not logged on, can not set budget nor make offers. We facilitate the identification with a free subscription for 10 budgets/offers.
Privacy Your privacy is protected: private data is stored encrypted and your data is never to see unencrypted. Changes made by the user are sent encrypted to the database. For login three IP addresses can be used or not (not recommended). Messages between users can be encrypted online.
Log in If you surf as logged in member (login with username and password), you can make your bets or offers easy. Annoying logging on each quote falls away.
Outlook line breaks For Outlook users it may be that long links wrap. Up to Outlook 2007: Tools -> Options -> Mail Format -> Internet Format ... -> Automatically wrap text at X characters. From Outlook 2010: File -> Options -> Mail -> Mail Format -> Automatically wrap text at characters or change in email window: => The additional line breaks were removed from this message => Restore line breaks.