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Info Tips for newcomers and members
19.08.11 Take a moment to look at the members area more closely before you start. You have in this area many ways to edit your information (regardless of whether it is your personal data, your budget or your offers). Under the heading "Overview" all the important information regarding your account is shown. Among others security, registration or e-mail settings. Wopopo recommends to enable IP security: With the activation of your IP address (found under the heading "Security"), you have maximum protection against attacks. Handicap: if the IP address changes a renewal of the password under Password forgotten? is required. The category "Registration" allows you to adjust authentication with your email or your user name. Under the heading "Email", you can choose whether you will receive all emails in HTML format or as a text version and whether each message that is not encrypted will be send to other members of WPP also as email. Quite handy if you want to ensure that the recipient receives the message for sure.