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Privacy Your privacy is protected: private data is stored encrypted and your data is never to see unencrypted unintentional. Changes made by the user are sent encrypted to the database. For login three IP addresses can be used or not (not recommended). Messages between users can be encrypted online.
Data retention Private data will be submitted encrypted and stored in a database, which is a transaction-safe.
Safety of data The Privacy at Working Post Portal adheres essentially to the Federal Law of 19 June 1992 on data protection (DSG).
Trade data Working Post Portal does not deal with private data of users of this service.
Liability Working Post Portal is liable for the loss of private data, if the loss is related in connection with an error in programming Wopopo. Browsers crashing, system or server crashes or Internet congestion are excluded. To prevent loss of sensitive data members data will be entered into databases that are transaction-safe.
Certificate Currently there exists a SSL Certificate for from Webland.
Web analytics The Google service Google Analytics examines user behavior on a website. Working Post Portal ( uses this service. The browser add-on Opt-out disables the execution of the service.